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TEAM TEAL: Queensland

Racing Queensland is partnering with Women's Cancer Foundation and joining Team Teal in 2018 to raise funds for gynaecological cancer research.

From 1 February until 11 March, more than 200 reinswomen across Australia and New Zealand are wearing teal driving pants, striving to be the first across the line to secure donations for Women's Cancer Foundation.

Fifteen reinswomen in Queensland are taking on the challenge, with a donation of $200 up for grabs in each race during the campaign.


"Helping Women's Cancer Foundation reduce the impact of ovarian cancer is important to the broader community, so Racing Queensland is pleased to support this most worthwhile cause, raising funds for important research."

Get involved  #GetRealSupportTeal

Join the campaign by making a donation to TEAM TEAL: Queensland.


Funds raised will support research nurses delivering treatments in newly established research sites in Australian and New Zealand hospitals, helping provide greater access to clinical trials for women with a gynaecological cancer.  They will also support Survivors Teaching Students┬«, a program bringing ovarian cancer survivors and caregivers into the classrooms of health professional students, to teach them about experiences living with cancer.